We do not know George’s story, we do not know how long he has been alone, how long he has had to fend for himself or why, but what is painfully obvious is that he hasn’t had the love and kindness of humans for quite some time. George came into the care of Jerry Green Dog Rescue this week after being found as a stray, in a terrible condition, we are sorry that the below images may be distressing. George, a Mastiff Cross, is very underweight, and clearly emaciated, he has significant swelling on his back end and potential further health problems that we are investigating. Our vets estimate George to be about ten years old.

Despite this, George is the sweetest boy! And has given out nothing but love and cuddles since he arrived, soaking up all the attention from the team and loving every minute. We are at the very beginning of our journey with George, and just starting to investigate the implications on his health that his life so far has had on him. We do not know what the future holds for George, nor do we know how long that future may be, what we do know is that we will make sure every day of that future is filled with love, treats and happiness, like this boy deserves. We are willing to do whatever it takes to make George happy and comfortable, we will be with him should his pain and malnourishment prove too much for him, and will hold his paw every step of the way. George’s care and treatment has huge financial implications for us, at a time when all fundraising in the community is still impossible, but we will do whatever it takes. If you are in a position to donate towards George’s care, and the care of all the other dogs who need us, we, and George, would be incredibly grateful. Thank you. 

Please note, George is not currently available for adoption due to his medical investigations.

To donate £1, text GEORGE to 70201
To donate £3, text GEORGE to 70331
To donate £5, text GEORGE to 70970
To donate £10, text GEORGE to 70191