When George arrived at our South Lincolnshire centre as a stray, in a terrible condition, we didn’t know anything about him. We didn’t know how long he had been alone, how long he had to fend for himself or why, but what was painfully obvious was that he hadn’t had the love and kindness of humans for a very long time.


10-year-old George came to our centre very underweight, and clearly emaciated. He had significant swelling on his back end and potential further health problems that we started investigating. Despite this, it was clear from the start that George was the sweetest boy! He gave nothing but love and cuddles, soaked up all the attention from the team and just loved all the fuss we gave him.


At this stage we were at the very beginning of our journey with George, and just starting to investigate the implications on his health that his life so far had had on him. We didn’t know what the future held for George, nor did we know how long that future may be, but what we did know is that we’d make sure every day of that future was filled with love, treats and happiness, like this boy deserved!


Over the first few weeks in our care, George had plenty of visits to the vet where he was always such a good boy and just wanted to give out lots of licks and cuddles! Whilst there, it was discovered that he had a urine infection that we believe he had for some time. He instantly went on a round of antibiotics in an effort to clear this. During this time, George was also given Gabapentin, a pain relieving drug, which allowed him to be more mobile and helped alleviate some of his aches and pains.


What pleased all of us here was that although George was going through some hard times with his condition, he was happy. He loved being at the centre and spending time with the team. He enjoyed having a little potter around the garden even though he was still quite doddery on his back legs and couldn’t go very far. He was certainly a fair weather explorer though, and much preferred playing with his toys indoors whilst we went through that horrid cold spell in February!


After a further 2 weeks, George gradually started gaining weight and his appetite improved. The antibiotics managed to clear George’s urine infection, so he was able to have the next stage of his veterinary investigations. These investigations included x-rays, where it was discovered that on top of everything else this poor fella had to go through, he was also diagnosed with spondylosis (a form of arthritis in the spine) and it also appears he has some hip dysplasia too. These are currently being well managed through his medication. Thankfully after seeing the orthopaedic vet, they have confirmed that George has a good quality of life with the pain relief medication he is on at the moment.


Therefore, we are delighted to say that this very special boy has been given the all clear to begin his search for his perfect retirement home! We’d like to thank all our supporters for the overwhelming response we received in donations towards his care. With the last 12 months affecting our fundraising efforts massively, your support has meant that we can continue to provide dogs like George the very best second chance at life! If you would like to contribute to George’s veterinary cost and support our dogs in finding their loving forever family, we would be so grateful.


To donate £1 text GEORGE to 70201

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If you would like some more information on George, please call the South Lincolnshire centre on 01205260546 or drop us an email on [email protected]