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Wednesday 10 November 2010

Gilberdyke Newsletter October - December 2010

Christmas is coming - and don’t we know it! Because we are working hard here up Bennettland Lane to make everything special for all the dogs in our care. And you can help!


Whether a little or a lot, every little thing you, our supporters, do to help us to help the dogs is very welcome and much appreciated. And this year the scope is very wide.


From toilet roll inner tubes to make individual Christmas crackers containing gifts for each doggy resident, to Christmas boxes - shoe boxes are a good size - with treats, toys, biscuits or chews for them all, we are also looking for a couple of old armchairs for the dogs to lie on and enjoy to make the kennel experience feel more like a home from home.


We have two new play kennels just opened, where the dogs can romp regardless of the weather, full of toys and play equipment - even a sand pit. But a couple of armchairs, even conservatory style chairs, would be a comfy treat. Condition is immaterial - all we ask is that they have bare wooden legs, so they can be cleaned round. So if you have any old chairs like this tucked away in a spare room or garage you would like to donate, give us a call - details below.


If Christmas shopping for yourself, or your dog, don’t forget our shop in reception. All the usual doggy stuff is here, with special things too: handmade cards, or Jerry Green’s own doggy ones, hand made blankets, a wonderful range of collectable dolls with the prettiest porcelain faces, and smart dog tags -great colours and designs, and only £4.99, made specially to order.

The usual Christmas hamper raffle boasts some terrific goodies, and tickets on sale soon priced 25p each.


Meanwhile, more dogs come and go. We have had a very busy autumn, and although every rehomed dog is a happy ending, one very special dog we were happy but sad to say goodbye to was Molly. (pictured above settled in her new home)


Molly came to us in 2004. She was our longest term resident, a quiet dog with a scruffy rough grey coat, always passed over. Until one day in August when Mary visited.


Mary wasn’t looking for any particular dog - in fact we mentioned two or three to her before she saw Molly. We explained Molly had come from a farm all those years ago, so we weren’t sure if she had ever even been in a house before. Also Molly was a shredder, reducing any bedding to pieces in minutes!


But they met, and all went well. Molly had many characteristics of Mary’s previous dog, including the scruffy coat. Mary visited often so Molly could get to know her new mum, and feel safe and secure with her.  When adoption day came we took Molly to her new home to make sure she settled in.

How strange it must have been for Molly - out of kennels after all those years, never having seen a television before…and a mirror was quite a shock! Who was that pretty girl looking back at Molly?


A couple of months have passed and Molly hasn’t put a paw wrong. She has been clean in the house from day one, never chewed a single item, and really loves going out in the car. Visits to the beach are a favourite thing, and now Molly loves her paddle in the sea.


This proves that no matter how long it takes to find, there really is a home for every dog. A truly happy ending for a Gilberdyke dog.


And if you like happy endings, Jerry Green’s have hundreds: read more in our heartwarming Happy Tails booklet, a great stocking filler at £5.  



If you are Christmas shopping, or looking for a dog to join your family, visit the kennels any afternoon (except Wednesdays, closed for administration) between 1.30 - 4pm .


And if you already have your 2011 calendar and are filling in dates, put a ring round January 29! Jerry Green’s is holding a Charity ‘Slave’ Auction at Jay Jay’s Wine Bar in Vicar Lane, Howden (7.30pm till late) to raise funds for the dogs.


Generous ’slaves’ have donated their time and will be auctioned to the highest bidder, and will then be available to carry out tasks such as gardening, decorating, ironing or odd jobs. Come along and bid for a slave! Tickets cost £3 to include entry, food and live music, and are available from Jay Jay’s, Jerry Green’s or via Roddy Brooks on 07977 252193.


Remember all ’slaves’ are kindly donating their time and effort free of charge. So if you need some gardening, ironing, decorating or other menial tasks, make a bid. No refunds!


Want more information? See the website - click on Gilberdyke for dogs available - email or ring 01430 -449112.



Thought For the Month: 

Folk will know how large your soul is by the way you treat a dog (Charles F Doran)



Happy dog days! With best wishes from Angela and all at Gilberdyke. Until next time!



Jerry Green Dog Rescue
Telephone: 01652 657820

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