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Wesley Wins!

21/03/2017 11:41 - East Yorkshire

Wesley – Staffy Cross

Wesley was a gorgeous staffy cross, who was very handsome and despite attracting a lot of interest because of this, struggled to find a home due to his training needs. Wesley we felt was previously used to dog baiting, which resulted in some nasty habits when being walked on the lead, such as lead ragging and lots of mouthing. It took two members of highly skilled staff just to put his harness on! Wesley was put on special measures, which is our system for helping dogs with bigger training needs. We consulted with other training professionals and developed a training plan, to help solve these problems. Wesley was a smart dog and made improvements very quickly, this meant we were able to take him off special measures and begin looking for a home for him again. Thanks to our fantastic meet and match process we were able to find Wes the perfect home. Wesley went to live with a wonderful family with a big strong gentleman who could handle Wes when he got too boisterous and continued with his training plan. Thanks to these wonderful people Wes was able to become the wonderful family dog he was always meant to be.

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