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Missy finds her true love

21/03/2017 11:43 - East Yorkshire

Missy – 8 year old Staffy Cross With a Whippet. Missy came to us from a stray kennel. She was a gorgeous young lady, who really struggled to settle in the kennels due to her separation anxiety. Missy was with us for 4 months, as she struggled to find a home. This was because she was very dog reactive and struggled being left alone for long periods of time. Missy needed a home with someone who was around for most of the day, without another dog and was willing to spend some time to continue her training. 

During her time with us Missy spent some time in a foster home and a lot of time in reception with us to help keep her stress levels low. We launched an unwanted gang campaign to feature all our long stay dogs and try and find them homes. Missy’s appeal in this campaign managed to reach 33,000 people thanks to the shares of our supporters. One of those people came to visit her and offer her the lovely forever home she is in today (see pictures). We couldn’t be happier, yey for Missy.

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