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04/03/2014 10:40 - South Lincolnshire

Frank was found by our South Lincolnshire Team - abandoned at the Centre in the middle of the night.

He is a lovely little boy and we are so glad to have found him a loving home!

Here's a message from Julie, Frank's new mum, about his first day;

' Frank had a super exciting first day and has been such a good boy. He had his car ride, a new house, a new garden, a nice long walk, and lots of attention. Everything was different for him yesterday but he seems to have coped really well.

He had a nice walk later in the afternoon around the recreation ground which he seemed to enjoy.

Meal time went without a hitch and Frank was happy to sit on a cushion in the same room while we ate. We sort of ignored him while we were eating and he didn't beg or jump up or anything so we made a fuss of him when we'd tidied away.

The boys both went to work in the evening but Frank by then was quite tired bless him. He sat on my knee for a while and just wanted a cuddle but then was happy enough to go into the kitchen to sit in his bed on his own a while.
He later came back for another cuddle but then went to sit on the sofa on his own - he spent a good hour fast asleep on his back with all his legs in the air so I think we can say he was a happy little boy! He also asked to go into the garden when he needed to which was really good. 
When the boys came home he greeted them enthusiastically but soon settled again.

His big test came when we all went to bed - we put him in the kitchen, told him it was bedtime closed the door and left him on his own. He never barked or cried all night which was really surprising but he had had a really busy day and we guess he went to bed much later than normal.

He didn't bark or cry this morning when we got up but he had heard us as he was waiting behind the door. He was a whirlwind when we went in to him but the kitchen was all clean and tidy so we think he'd had a settled night. He went straight out to the garden to toilet so all good.

He had his breakfast no problem and went to sit on a cushion in the living room with one of his toys.

So, he's been absolutely fantastic and we think he's an absolute beauty. He's just a baby wanting attention and has a lot of energy to use but as long as we build his confidence and give him the attention in the right way I'm sure he'll soon be a settled little boy.

We're all really pleased and we all had a really fantastic first day.'


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