Jerry Green

Archie Settles in

21/10/2013 21:20 - Nottinghamshire

Hi Sapphire


Archie has settled in very well; it’s like he has always been here. Archie has claimed our bed and he loves to lay on the sofa. Archie also likes to look out the front window.


Archie has become part of the family; he loves our family walks and gives us lots of love when snuggling up at night. Archie has even taken to squeaky toys and loves to play tug with his tug rope.


We as a family would like to say a big Thank-you as Archie is such a loving boy and has made our family complete. I have attached some photos of Archie snuggled on the sofa with his Doctor Who duvet. We will send more photos and keep you updated


Once again thank you to you all for your help and making visits to Archie at Jerry Greens welcoming before we adopted Archie


 Xx Jay Family and Big Woofs from Archie xx

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