Jerry Green

Tyson the Gentle Giant

16/09/2013 22:30 - South Lincolnshire

Hi All at Jerry Green,


I thought I would drop you all an email about Tyson The German Shepherd I rehomed from you 3 years ago. 


Tyson is my best friend, and I couldn't be without him. He's the most loyal dog i have ever come across with the most placid nature with everyone.


He has also started being friendly with other dogs and has gained a new best friend with my parents’ Bassett Hound, Caesar. 


He is about 9 years old now and still fit and healthy!! I still can’t understand why he was with your kennels for soo long. He's and amazing dog!!


Keep up the good work guys. Thank you so much for allowing Tyson to be rehomed with me.


Many thanks

Alexandria Burton

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