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The Adventures of Miss Pippy Flea

04/08/2013 23:28 - East Yorkshire

After a bad start in life and lots of TLC by Jerry Green staff, Miss Pippy has a wonderful home ...


Pippy’s Mum writes:

 23/7/13 Miracles do happen!  We’ve all been up since 6am and Pippy Flea hasn’t been back in her cage once.  She followed me into the kitchen and allowed me to pick her up for a cuddle !!!  She’s joined us all in the living room too.

24/7/13 Pippy Flea has demanded a very large breakfast and is busily engaged in persuading the others to play with her, with the help of a madly wagging tail!

Pippy Flea seen here  having her face washed by big brother Cricket...

25/7/13  Pippy Flea has turned down doggy breakfast in favour of toast with butter & apricot jam. She’s been very naughty overnight - found 1 shoe, remains of a slipper and small handbag in her cage this morning!  Currently flirting madly with Cricket – he’s a bit bemused by all this romantic attention!

More news will follow

Cara x


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