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03/08/2013 23:24 - North Lincolnshire

Hi Lynne,  

Sky, who has been renamed Oscar, is settling in brilliantly, as though he has always been here. The whole family adore him.

Oscar (Sky) has stopped his anxiety drooling in the main, although he still gets a little anxious when left even for short times, but we are working on that, and it is really improving.

He has had a visit to the beauty salon and feels much cooler with his thick long fur trimmed into a very smart spaniel cut, it really has made a difference in this hot weather and he looks altogether like a young dog again.

He has enjoyed long walks in the Wolds with his family and is often joined on these by other family dogs, and he really enjoys migrating with his pack, he is always fabulous off lead and always returns to 'check in' when we shout that (although we suspect he thinks we are shouting 'chicken'), he didn't enjoy the beach as much, though he did enjoy an ice-cream afterwards, a rare treat!

His eyesight really does seem to be an issue as he hates going out in the dark, and he is still quite clumsy, but he manages fine on a day to day basis around the home. He did have a small eye related adventure when he ran a little too enthusiastically next to the river and ran right into it, luckily Dad, Arti was on hand to clamber in and rescue him, even though she then proved she didn't need rescuing by bounding out past him leaving him sodden and standing in the shallows!

We have had him on the Arden Grange light on advice of the vet and that, with the extra exercise, means he has dropped 2kg in weight since we got him and is looking much sleeker, and almost ready to move onto a maintenance diet.

In fact the only negative is that he has suddenly got a little bit of a skin infection which is being treated with antibiotics currently, we assume he has walked through something he is allergic to, but it is responding well to the meds.

Anyway, you wanted some photos, so here are a few showing Oscar from his first day home, including one with my daughter's Labrador puppy Reggie, (rt)who absolutely adores his Uncle Oscar!

Thanks so much for trusting us with him, we couldn't be any happier, and hopefully Oscar feels the same!             

Teresa and Arti Linford (and Oscar)

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