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26/07/2013 14:09 - North Lincolnshire

Hi Lynne

Chester (was Spensor) is doing really well, He has lost absolutely loads of weight; he weighs 29 kilos now and my vet is very happy with his progress, as she can now see he waist, although it may be a while before we find any ribs, if ever!! We are aiming for 27 kilos ish.

He is walking really well with my other 2; when you get the leads out he goes absolutely crackers, he just can’t wait to go out. We have a lot of big grassy meadows and a wood locally, so he’s loving it, - although he does enjoy a bit of 'fox poop diving', we are trying to discourage that one! 

He is a bit gobby (typical Bassett), especially when we go to work, and sets my other 2 off, so he has got to get used to our routine, and that we are coming home again at some point and he is not abandoned.

It’s a work in progress,

Regards Karen Allott

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