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Dolly Daydreams

15/07/2013 16:43 - East Yorkshire

Hi,  this is Dolly (previously Holly ) who I adopted from East Yorkshire. She has settled in really well.

She is still very puppy like and still steals food and misbehaves all of the time, but what else do you expect!

She has learnt her place with the other dogs and is in love with our Lurcher, Jet; they romp in the garden all of the time.

She has got a one to one lesson with an instructor tomorrow so that she can start her working dog classes, which she will love hopefully.

She’s stopped jumping in the pond every five seconds but can't help herself when we're out on a walk; there’s a picture of her drying out on the first day from diving in the pond.

From the first night she went to sleep on her bed and doesn’t get up until she goes for her walk! As you can see she loves cuddles and getting fuss!!

We went out to Dalby Forest for the day and she loved the walk and the paddle up the stream and slept for the rest of the evening.

Thank you very much for matching us with Dolly, she is the perfect dog -even if we weren’t looking for a black Lab. 

Lucy Thomson

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