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Izzie with his family

13/06/2013 21:30 - South Lincolnshire

Hi All

Izzie has been with us nearly a week now so thought it time that I should drop you a line. 


She has settled in extremely well, much quicker than we expected. On Thursday night, she was happy to settle in the kitchen with Mollie overnight and did her needs on the papers I put down; she hasn’t needed them since and there haven’t been any mistakes in the house either. 


She has been great on the lead and gets quite excited when we are getting ready to go for a walk, but sits nicely to get her lead and collar on. 

As you will see from the attached photos, she’s already enjoying playing with Mollie’s fluffy toys ... and has sussed out the comfy places to chill out!!! 

We are so glad that I was able to see her and reserve her.  I’m sure if I hadn’t visited that day we would have missed out on a wonderfully gentle and loving dog.

Kind Regards

Alison Blake


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