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Brunei - a wonderful life

09/06/2013 20:44 - Nottinghamshire

Hi Jo

As I spoke to a member of staff yesterday I am sending some photos of Bruno..or  Brunei  as we call him I was told by Sapphire at Nottingham Centre that he stayed at your kennels prior to them having him.

Well  nearly a year has gone...and he has enriched our lives...he has come on in leaps and bounds....he is so funny,  and crafty and,  like I have said before, such a loving dog...At first  he was nervous of things from vehicles etc...but with some coaching he has got over this barrier - apart from horses;  if he see any coming he locks all fours and does a quick u turn.  I don't think  he has ever seen anything so big !

He loves to play, but at the beginning we bought him every toy we could see, but  he did not know what to make of  sometime in his past he had not been socialized with things.  But now WOW!  He is running round playing with balls and other toys.  We have had Staffies in the past,  and each one has its own personality; .Brunei  has his too....he just wants to please you and give you love....What more could we ask for....

Best wishes Mr and Mrs McDaniel

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