Jerry Green

Tilly enjoying Life

30/04/2013 19:45 - South Lincolnshire


Just to send you a photo of Tilly that we got from you on the 23/7/2010.

She is now coming up for her 7th birthday. She still loves her ball and walks along the beach; we are sure she decided she would start as a pup again when we got her as she never stops.

She has lost all the fright of people she had and now thinks anybody that comes to the house is here to see Tilly.  She gets the mail from the postman every morning. She loves life. The only problem we still have with her is that she still tries to pull our arms off on her lead on the way to the beach, but is so worn out on the way back we have no problem!  

Tilly has changed our lives so much and hopefully we have also changed hers. Thank you so much for letting us have her and hope you are all well.

Christopher Curwood

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