Jerry Green

Sparky settles in

31/03/2013 20:57 - South Lincolnshire

Family tell us...

What a wonderful dog! He settled down very quickly – by mid afternoon of his first day. He had a good look around the house and decided where he wanted to sit / sleep etc. He clearly prefers the settee to the rugs on the floor or the dog beds we bought. He certainly likes lots and lots of fuss.

On his first visit to the bedroom he jumped onto the bed and straight under the duvet! He spent 2 nights in the kitchen but did not seem very happy about that. On the second night he jumped up to the top one of 3 vegetable baskets where his biscuits were kept. He took down a bag containing 5 large bone shaped biscuits and ate all of them – too much for a little stomach so they were later ‘deposited’ in the middle of the floor!! Next night he followed Nick to bed and is as good as gold! His biscuits are now kept in the laundry room behind a closed door – no problem for a bright Yorkie – he jumps up to the handle, opens the door, then jumps on top of the ironing board to see what is available. Nick found him just as he was trying to open 3 packets! He must be crossed with a monkey!

My daughter and 2 grandchildren (10 & 12) arrived on the first day to see him. He rushed up to them for a fuss – no problems. He spent most of the time sitting on my daughter's knee. When my Grandson stood up Sparky poked him and jumped around clearly asking him to play – it looks as though he had been used to playing ‘chase’ games with children in his old life.

He knows how to communicate – makes it clear when he thinks it is ‘walk time! He enjoys a good run on the end of his long lead and no longer pulls,  plus he now has a harness. He loves playing with squeaky plastic toys and has demolished one of them. When we throw the toy he brings it back for another throw and so on – in short he is a most playful fellow.

That's all to report now. We are very pleased and feel lucky to have found such a lovely dog. By his behaviour around the house he must had been owned by a loving family before – probably jumped a gate and then got lost.

Kind Regards,
Ann and Nick


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