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Snowy Sam

28/01/2013 20:47 - North Lincolnshire

Dear all at Jerry Green Dogs,

I thought you might like a little update on Sam, the Golden Labrador we adopted from your Broughton centre in September 2011 (he was 10 years old at the time), and I've attached here a photo of him recently in the snow.

Sam has been an absolute delight since he came to live with us and brought us much pleasure and joy. His appetite is as voracious as ever - and he has mastered a range of facial expressions that he can turn on when anyone in the room is eating anything to make you feel utterly guilty! He is a real favourite around the village where everyone knows him, and with Kate and Kristine from the local dog-walking company who come to see him for a morning and afternoon walk on the one or two days a week when we both have to be out of the house for a full working day.

He is also a great favourite at the vet's where we have been regular visitors over the past year! Unfortunately Sam had a recurrent anal gland infection for several months which repeated antibiotics and flushing procedures under sedation only helped temporarily, and in the end we made the very difficult decision with the vet's advice to have them removed. Sam came through the operation amazingly well considering his age and has made a complete recovery.

He had his six monthly health check at the vet's a couple of week's ago and all was well with that - very good for age being the general consensus! Stella, the vet he has seen most often, is absolutely in love with him, as are the receptionists, as a result of which he gets more than his fair share of treats when he's there.

We are so happy that Sam came to live with us - he's such a special dog in all ways and it's a privilege to have him in our lives (and on our sofas which he still has full command over!).

Good wishes


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