Jerry Green

Cassie's lovely life

02/01/2013 23:42 - Nottinghamshire

Hi there

We adopted a dog called Cassie about 4 years ago from the Notts Centre,  and she settled in really well with our other dog -  BUZZ ( who we  had adopted from you too).

3 years ago Buzz passed away so we were looking for another friend for Cassie as she was lonely. We came and tried Roxey for a day but they didn’t get on:-(we thought that maybe Cassie would then be an only dog)... but then we got a pup ( Staffie same as Cassie)

And omg they got on so well. Now Mikey is 2 in June they are best buddies and get on so well.   

(Mikey left, Cassie on the right)

When Cassie was taken into  Blidworth Centre  she had been tied up and was very thin and
they looked after her and we then took her home ...


* We can see she is very well and happy now

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