Jerry Green

Dan and Special Friend

19/11/2012 21:41 - Nottinghamshire

Hi Everyone at Jerry Green Rescue in Blidworth,

 I hope the bedding came in handy I made. Hopefully when I get my machine fixed I will do you some more.

Just an update on Dan. Here's some pictures for you to look at and you can use.

He’s settled in well it’s like we have had him since he was a pup. He and Harry are like terrible twins; it’s a nightmare when they are both ‘on one’ -  they chase each other for hours!

I used to have a lovely garden but at the moment its like a rugby pitch - lol

Dan’s not bothered at all about the cat, so that's good too.

OK well we will keep in touch and keep sending the photos to you.

Take care all

Kerry, Mark, Chloe and
Harry (Oh and Dan)


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