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Diesel's Dream comes true

14/11/2012 17:28 - East Yorkshire

Hi Lorraine and everyone [at E.Yorks Centre]

To let you know that Diesel has settled wonderfully well and I am so glad that he was able to come and live with me.

For the first 2/3 days he was a little restless, dog napping for about 15 minutes and then awake for a check round, except at night time when he settled in his bed next to mine straight away from the very first night and I didn’t hear a peep out of him till morning. Now he is much more relaxed and can nod off anytime on the dog duvet in the dining area, on the mat by the fire when I light it or on the carpet by the hall radiator. He does play with a ball for a short time, either in the garden or in the hall if wet.

He has learned to sit and wait before diving into food and, as you said, a perfectly clean plate each time.

There was about 4 hours almost continuous fireworks round here on Saturday night ( for 2 adjoining villages it seemed a lot), and he barked perhaps 2/3 times but then tried to sleep on the mat in front of the fire, but he lifted his head each time there was a bang. However when there was
a long crackly outburst I suddenly found I had 21kg of dog appear on my lap! I cuddled him up for a few minutes until he was happy to get down again, but emphasise that he was not trembling or really upset.

I gradually increased the time I left him alone last week and am now up to my full morning at work without any problem.

I have sent some pictures on Diesel settling in to his new surroundings.

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