Jerry Green

Super Socks

04/11/2012 16:34 - North Lincolnshire

N. Lincs received some happy news ....


Socks is fine - as you can see from the photos she gets on fine with the cat and has enjoyed lots of runs in the paddock.

She obeys the three men in the house more than me but is very loving and follows me around. The patch on her chest is dry but it’s an ongoing battle combing it out mainly because she rolls on her back as soon as I brush her.

Two hens have had their rear ends de-feathered but at least lived to lay another egg! So I only
 et her off lead in paddock when they are out of sight or early am or pm when they are shut away.

Has met some other dogs and got on fine.

As you will see she has found a new use for the former cat flap!

Best wishes Melanie and Socks x 


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