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Flynn joins Ziggy

31/10/2012 19:28 - East Yorkshire

East Yorkshire received this latest note from Ziggy who welcomed Flynn to join his home....

I jumped in a stream, closely followed by Flynn. He was a bit surprised to find out how deep it was and--with a look of panic on his face--immediately swam out and shook himself all over our people. Not me! I swam about for ages, but when I finally got out I found that I couldn't put one of my back feet on the ground.   Strange.........

It wasn't too bad to begin with, but after a while my foot got hot and swollen and I had to hop everywhere.

So we've just been to see the vet. This time we saw a nice lady vet who said "Oh, poor Ziggy I think you have an abscess!" and then produced two needles.

I wasn't too sure about this, but just as the vet walked round behind me a tube of cream cheese appeared under my nose. Injections? Did I have injections?

I've got pills as well and if my foot's not better in a few days we have to go back again. I don't mind, as long as the cream cheese comes with us.

Flynn is OK. He soon stopped lifting his leg at anything in sight (which is a relief as I'm sick of the smell of carpet shampoo) and he's now making himself comfortable on any bed EXCEPT mine. I had to tell him about this..............

He's started coming upstairs at night now. He wouldn't do it to begin with and he could do with the practice as he's not actually very good with stairs. He goes up them with no trouble but often comes down a lot faster than he intended. Sometimes his back legs overtake his front ones and he finds himself down by the front door sooner than he expected.

He really likes his food and never leaves a single thing in his food bowl--which is a great disappointment to me.

We have visitors arriving tomorrow. I don't know where they're going to sit as Flynn and I have got all the spare settee seats covered. Did you know that Flynn is a television critic? Woof, grrr he goes if there's something he doesn't like.

Love to everyone

Ziggy  xxxxxxxxxxxx

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