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19/10/2012 17:04 - East Yorkshire

Hi Lorraine and Co

Just managed to understand new camera, so whilst the knack is still with me here are some photos of Jakie.  In one you will see that he is NOT a morning boy, he has got his own bed but prefers to sleep on, what he considers his settee, with his cushions around him. 

There is also a picture of him with one of his friends, who is a Doberman called Maxi; we go for quite long walks with them (take no notice of the big green woman in the frame; I have not managed to edit me out yet!!!

The other is of him staring at his enemies, the black Labs, Rocky and Lilly.  I have managed to get him to  just stare and not try to take them on, especially if they have not had breakfast.  Just joking their owner has them well trained and they just look at Jake as though he is just an irritant.

I hope to get a few photos of him with his other friends, the Jack Russell trio, Jimmy (dad), Mitzi (mum) and Jake’s fav. Badger (son).

We try to vary the areas for his walks, depending on the weather.

He has settled in so well with us from day 1, it is as though he has lived here forever; love him to pieces.

Will keep you updated.  ♥

Eileen and Gerry

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