Jerry Green

Pip finds his forever home

18/10/2012 09:28 - Nottinghamshire

I’m Pip, I’m eleven years old and they say I’m part mongrel.  I went to stay at The Jerry Green Dog Rescue Home in Notts for about a month.

It was very nice, lovely people and a big field stacked with oodles of sniffs.

What was really brilliant was they paraded stacks of people around for me to choose my new family from.

I soon found them they’re elderly like me and I’m sure they won’t need much training.

Similar to me they’re well behaved and understand most things.  I was delighted to see they have one of those large magic white boxes which produces all sorts of food.

When I take them out, they don’t pull on my lead and they trot along next to me confidently.  Traffic doesn’t panic them but they do seem to need three or four walks a day, perhaps they’ll grow out of that.

I hope all my chums back at Jerry Green’s are as fortunate as me.

Bye for now.

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