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Abbie's Update

14/10/2012 22:53 - East Yorkshire

Abbie last wrote in July ...and has sent this update ...


Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven’t been in touch for a while but I’ve been so busy training on my lead; you would be so proud of me now that I can nearly walk to heel. Also when my mum takes me walking I can now let her stop to have a chat to other dog owners without me getting too stressed out.

She has taught me to sit when other dogs go by; in fact I have been so good that I now go for 3 walks a day, and I get lots of praise when I  get home, not to mention my chew sticks. Mum said they are good for my teeth so don’t tell her I enjoy them loads will ya? 

Hope to see you all soon

Lots of love and licks from Miss Abbie   xx

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