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Mary, Mary quite wonderful

05/10/2012 20:44 - East Yorkshire

The biggest news of all at East Yorkshire Centre  is that our special Mary went to her new home this week. They say:-

Mary has been at Jerry Greens since 2005 with only a very short time out in one home, a long time ago.  Mary has always been a favourite here with all the staff and we could never really understand why she never got a chance to go to a new home again.

Of course it had to be the right home for Mary, being a timid girl she really needed a quiet adult only home where she can learn all about the big outside world but at her own pace. Well it has finally happened this week! A couple of days in and things are going well so we really have got everything crossed that Mary has finally found the forever home that she truly deserves.

Good Luck Mary and thank you to her new family for your patience in getting her there to you. ♥x


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