Jerry Green

Megs Happy Ever After

14/09/2012 21:27 - East Yorkshire

Little Meg the terrier cross had been at East Yorkshire Centre for a long time.  Very shy of new people and close handling it took Meg a long time to build up trust with all the staff but she was a firm favourite with everyone.  Recently we saw Meg go off to her new home to live with Terry, an older gentleman really in need of a companion and Meg just fitted the bill!

Two weeks on and things couldn’t be better.  Meg has her own armchair and a lovely garden to wander in and out of as she pleases.  Terry & Meg are getting along great – they have a daily outing to the local pub for an hour each day and Terry tells us Meg leads the way there now, a true regular!!

Terry is over the moon with Meg and we are too – it’s lovely to know she is now in her forever home to live happily ever after ♥J

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