Jerry Green

Pip's new adventures

09/09/2012 20:48 - North Yorkshire

Pip has been with me in Ripon for three weeks now and he's settled in great! He loves everybody and everybody loves him!

I've had a great time showing him the sights and walks of Ripon and he's growing in confidence, more and more, with every dog he meets! I think it was meant to be that we met and that we're going to have a long and fun time together!

Thanks to Sian and Carol for introducing Pip to me and for allowing me to bring him home!  I hope his previous owner is aware that Pip is happy and well taken care of and that he is not too sad that Pip couldn't go with him to the care home.

Pip makes himself at home wherever I take him to visit and when he's at my dog-sitter’s house, whilst I'm at work, he's a real curtain twitching, nosey parker-likes to sit and watch the world go by!!

Thank-you Jerry Green ♥


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