Jerry Green

Leo's lovely life

03/09/2012 20:44 - East Yorkshire


I thought I would send you this photo of rescued Leo, was called Bobby. He is here with his family, my Mum’s yellow Lab, Deedee, my Sister’s Pointer, Phoenix and his 2 brothers Tyler and Shadow. They get on brilliantly! He does get stood on from time to time but lets them know soon enough!

He is a star! We all went camping last week and he loved it. Still not great at travelling but getting better for sure!

Thank you for allowing me to rescue him. He certainly makes me laugh on a regular basis!

His training is coming on well, ‘sits’ and ‘downs’ on cue and his ‘stay’ is improving. He is very quick to learn and enjoys it. He love puppy classes, but he has to say “hi” to everyone before we can start!



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