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Lucky Louis

24/08/2012 17:34 - North Lincolnshire

Hey Guys, Louis here!

Just wanted to let you know how things are, and as you can see from the pics I’m doing great! I love my new mum and dad, so much so that I follow them everywhere so I know what they are up to!

I love being in a nice home with 2 humans that are all mine... I can have strokes and cuddles whenever I like. I have a lovely comfy bed (although sometimes I like to lay on mum and dad’s... you know just to compare!).

I am getting spoilt as well because mum and dad say I need to put a bit of weight on, so I am getting some lovely treats.. my favourite being CHICKEN! yum!! I’ve even made a doggy friend; grandma and grandad have got a Dalmatian. She's old and not in my face so we get on great and I love going to see them (It helps that they have a HUGE garden I can run around in!)

The BEST thing though is all the lovely walks I get. Mum gets up early every morning and we go down for a walk on the seafront, and she takes me during the day too, and then when
dad gets home we go for a nice walk to the woods which I love (I think I own every tree there now)

Anyway lots of love to all my friends...

This is Louis signing off. WOOF xxxx




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