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Mini's holiday news

20/08/2012 22:22 - North Yorkshire

Mini was originally in E.Yorks Centre…She was moved to N.Yorks Centre and rehomed. Her family writes...

Here is a recent photo of Mini*with Sasha.  We have just got back from a short break in the New Forest, and as you can see Mini has loved it; long walks in the forest, all those new smells for her to investigate (and eat).

Mini is a proper character and a total pup, she likes to chew things, for example 3 pairs of shoes, 2 leads, 1 extending lead and a harness. Oh, and those indestructible toys ARE NOT indestructible. Mini is also undergoing an identity crisis as she likes to eat hay and rose trees; I think she thinks she is a sheep,  lol.

She seems to be scared of everything but she is going to some training classes so hopefully that will help her overcome her fears. She likes nothing more than a good cuddle after a good long walk and at the end of the day.

As you can see she has settled down very well and is a loving little dog

 Thanks, Peter

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