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01/08/2012 20:10 - North Lincolnshire


My name is Alfie.  2 years ago today I was adopted by my new family,  so I thought I would write to you and let you know how I am doing. You might not remember me so well because
I was only with you for just over a week so just to remind you this was me:

I'm really happy in my new home. I get to go on lots of long walks in places like on the Humber banking, where I like to splash in water; I don't like it when I sometimes have to have a bath when I get home all dirty though!

I get to go to the Park lots and play with my Go-Frr balls; I LOVE these balls and I will play fetch all day if they let me. My dad takes me to Obedience and Agility training, where I have made some new friends.

I am going to start entering agility competitions too. We train with Scunthorpe Obedience and Agility Club and we won a third place rosette in their members show pairs jumping competition last week.

When I first went to live with my new family I wasn't very keen on other dogs, but since I have been training and meeting more new dogs I have become much calmer and I have learnt it's good to play with others

Here is a picture of me at the Park waiting to chase my ball!

Love from

Alfie  ♥


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