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Reece's Note

06/07/2012 17:44 - East Yorkshire

E. Yorks Centre received this good news...


I just wanted to let you know how Reece is doing. He's settled in very quickly and is a very loving dog. He is now starting to show a cheeky side, which is lovely.

He settles well at night and we only had one accident on his first night; since then he's been fantastic...though he does sneak from his basket to the cushion on the sofa which he has claimed :-)

He enjoys his walks but seems to hate the rain. Yesterday he trembled in the drive and refused to go for a walk until the rain had stopped :-).

He is a little afraid of the cats but they have got used to him very quickly.....except when he wants to chase them in the garden!

Reece is very obedient most of the time. He is an amazing dog and is very well loved in our family and we are so chuffed to have found him :-) 

Many thanks


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