Jerry Green

April - a True Princess

06/07/2012 14:50 - East Yorkshire

Hi to you all @ Gilberdyke..

I am having a ball here, in my new Palace.  I just feel like Cinderella!

My Mummy, Daddy and my beloved Lauren have given me the best dream/wish ever imaginable.

I get 3-4 lovely long walks every day.  I love playing with my toys and balls.  The food here is divine; I didn't realise food tasted so good!

I get loads of treats and playtime.  The best thing is I have a huge garden so I can run, jump and chase the birds.

I am even slowly getting used to other dogs.  I don’t understand why some have to bark at me.  Or are they just jealous of my Royal nature..? 

Everyone I meet tells my family how beautiful and elegant I walk.  Well of course I am, I am a Princess after all.

My family are so caring and they give me loads of hugs and I just love being pampered.

I just love my Palace.  Its just what Princesses like me, should deserve.

Love and snuggles

A true princess





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