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Millie's letter

25/06/2012 21:15 - East Yorkshire

Millie has written to our E.Yorks Centre…

“Hi everyone

Sorry that I have not been in touch yet but I’ve been busy settling in to my new home.

I’ve only been here 2 weeks but it seems an age. 

I spend my days walking, eating, sleeping and causing havoc in the garden. The big people take good care of me and I get plenty of attention and walks. Sometimes I get three walks a day, weather permitting, as I am not keen on getting wet.  I have a lovely bed that the big people tried to put in the kitchen but I soon changed that! That kitchen door and gate was no match for my hurdling skills and a nudge from my head! The living room rug and sofa looked far more interesting places for a snooze.    Woof Woof!

We have small people who come to visit too, who make a big fuss of me and I jump around and shout until they play.

I have been for lots of walks and have a special lead which stops me pulling, buts it’s itchy and I need a good scratch when I get home. I have even been to the Park to see the Olympic Torch, whatever that is. It was busy with lots of people making a noise. I had a snooze under a tree instead, that’s my kind of afternoon.

Oh well, its Sunday afternoon and the big people are putting their coats on and have the door keys ready. That means Walkies. So I’ll log off as my paws are hurting from typing. Maybe I can send a text message next time.

I have included some pics of me snoozing in my favourite spot on the rug and hope you’re all well and will see you soon

Woof woof

Millie xxx


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