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Ruby's Happiness

23/06/2012 22:43 - South Lincolnshire

Ruby -From Boston, South Lincs writes...

Hi all!

I'm loving my new  forever home. As soon as I walked in the door I had a sniff around but went straight to my big comfy bed and settled down -well if it wasn't my bed it  certainly is now! I love it so much another one arrived soon after so now I have  2! I enjoy snoring and dreaming on these beds and they're in the perfect place  for me to see where everyone is but feel safe and secure too.

I've made  heaps of new friends and everyone loves me. I was a little anxious to begin with and hid behind my people but all were introduced slowly and told not to excite  me up so I'm not leaving as many puddles on the floor anymore either. The  occasional accident still does happen though...

So I'm not left on my own  for long I go to my holiday home sometimes where I spend some days playing with  a Westy called Max. He's quite a bit older than me but I convince him to play
sometimes. We both just enjoy our time together and cuddle up next to each other  on my bed.

I am being taught lots of new things. I'm learning how to walk better so I'm not now in a rush to pull to wherever it is I'm going and I'm  starting to understand what toys are meant for. I had a few hiccups and thought  shoes were toys but I much prefer my toys; they often have yummy food in them so  they take preference.

I'm often very tired in the evenings as they keep  me on my claws here. We're always going out to explore. Yesterday I saw my first frog. I tried to see where it jumped to but they're fast! We're all going camping soon, so I've been told they'll be lots more to see there.

Anyway, it's time for me to go out again while it's stopped raining. I'm not the biggest fan of walks in the rain. I very much like my bed then and pretend I can't hear them.

Wishing everyone the best and keep taking care of all my other friends! We do really appreciate it!!

Lots of love,

Ruby x

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