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Hogan - my hero

23/06/2012 21:37 - North Lincolnshire

Amanda writes….


I rescued Hogan through the Broughton Centre when he was 8 months old.

Hogan had some hind leg issues and after correcting his hind legs so he could walk and sit like any normal dog his life took a better start.

Hogan is my pride and joy; he is loving, cute, friendly and my best friend... he is now 4 and has got his own room, toy box and new bed.

He loves long walks on the beach and has a companion,  my mum's terrier Tess.

Hogan is now a great family pet and he is loved by  everyone that meets him.

This picture shows when he hurt his paw;  a bandage made him feel better…

Bless him x  ♥


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