Jerry Green

Blade - sharp as a knife!

10/04/2012 20:01

Hi there to all at Jerry Greens!

I am just writing to say hi and let you know how I have been getting on in the last year.

When I was with you I was known as “Marley” but have since decided to be known as “BLADE” and am loving it.  I have been having a great time over the last year, getting lots of new experiences like going into the sea at Great Yarmouth and Skegness, meeting lots of new friends like Brynn the Cocker Spaniel and Keeta the GSD - and the other month went into a dog show where I won BEST DOG and second place for DOG MOST LIKE OWNER! (He needs a bit more work)!

I spend most of my days getting lots of exercise, playing with toys and pestering dad (which he  oves) and even got my own Sofa in the garden after claiming it as my own! All-in all life is sweet, but I give a big thanks to you for looking after me until I found my new home.  
Thanks Again, Loads of Love BLADE.

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