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Mia's Message

07/04/2012 16:28 - Nottinghamshire

To my old friends at Jerry Green, From Mia Thompson

I thought I’d let you know how I am doing!

I have been with my new family now for about six months; you would not believe what I have to endure.

The food here is quite good if you like fresh chicken breast basted in butter on biscuits; on other days I have to suffer fresh beef on my biscuits - huh. Of course I also have to endure the daily dose of denti-sticks, bonios and smacko’s etc. I also let them take me for long walks and I insist on a daily ride in the car, just to make sure I know everything that is going on.

I am very good at walking on walls; you get a better view from there. I can also walk backwards
and stick my nose under gates, in bouquets of flowers and also I like to know what shoppers have in their shopping bags; I have met a lot of friends this way.

At night time I get confused as I have a choice of three beds to sleep on! I do not like to
disappoint anyone so I sleep on them all. I do have a dog bed but I can never make my mind up whether to put it on the recliner or the settee

Sometimes after a good dig in the garden I like to curl up on a nice clean duvet making a pretty
pattern on it first.

I keep guard on two gardens and sometimes I go to the caravan which is in woodlands where there are a lot of delicious smells; my mum says it’s rabbits. I also like to help her when she’s working on the computer by nudging her elbow.

I am signing off now as I am feeling quite tired and it’s time for my daily tummy tickling.

On behalf of us all thank you for allowing Mia to live with us this is the fourth dog we have had
from you and each has been a joy.

John, Susan and David Thompson

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