Jerry Green

Bertie at home

03/04/2012 17:49 - Nottinghamshire

The Green Family have written in saying...

This is just to tell you about how Bertie is doing.

When we got Bertie last year we were overjoyed to call him our dog. He has
settled into our family really well.

He loves to go on walks by the sea and run about with all his friends at Sizewell beach. When we are far away from roads and danger we now let him off the lead. This is a good thing for him as he does like to run! We always say that he is a greyhound undercover.

He has had a hair cut, and is looking very smart. But we all preferred him with crazy, curly hair...

We have signed him up for training classes in summer. We are all going to have a go at handling him at training, so that we all know what to do. We are really looking forward to this, we hope Bertie is too.

He loves to have a cuddle every now and then. We have had no trouble with him whatsoever in the way of him liking to be in charge of the house. We all love him to bits and would never swap him for anything more! All the other members in the family love him to! We know that we will be his forever home.

We will keep you updated on his progress, and we will let you know how the training goes. We are sending you a picture. Thank you for giving us a family pet for us all to love!

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