Jerry Green

Pagan and friend

02/04/2012 16:55 - South Lincolnshire


At the end of November, 2000, we were heading out to Baytree to buy a Christmas tree, but took a wrong turning and ended up at Jerry Green near Boston. I convinced my boyfriend to let us have a wander around to look at the dogs.

We got to the very last kennel in the very last block and met Pagan. We fell in love with him instantly and the lady showing us round said we could take him for a walk. He had a look about him that was so sad - he clearly loved people but we were told how he couldn't settle in kennels, having already been adopted but returned.

He was just 18 months old, and we made our decision in seconds that we were to adopt him. We picked him up a few days later, and he's still going strong to this day!

Here he is in the picture with Matey, our cat who is one of best friends.

Thank you Jerry Green for letting us love Pagan :)


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