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Dusty's Happy Life

25/03/2012 20:54 - North Lincolnshire

Debbie sent us this news…

Hi this is Dusty…

We rescued him through your Lincolnshire Centre 4 years ago. He’s a happy dog who now has his very own kitten, and his own Facebook page with lots of friends on it!!

When we came to look for a dog, Dusty was the only one who didn’t come out to see us. He was scared of everything (still is!!). He now lives in a house full of animals and  people and  is a spoilt ‘menace’!!. Wouldn’t change him for the world though.

He's still a bit nervous around other dogs, but he's working on it all the time. Thank you for Dusty, he's the perfect dog for us.

(He also sponsors a dog through the Dogs Trust!!) xx

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