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Suzy remembered

22/03/2012 16:56 - East Yorkshire

Anita and Duncan wrote to say...

We adopted Suzy, a Daxi/goodness knows what cross in March 2011. We have always tried to adopt dogs that are harder to home because we feel that if we were dogs we might well come into that category ourselves!!

Anyway we saw Suzy on the Gilberdyke website and it said that she was 12 years old and she did look a little "unique"!! So despite having decided to retire from the dog owning fraternity, I felt compelled to phone about her.

I spoke to Lorraine and she told me that she had a big lump on one of her back legs that was inoperable and also that she had been returned several times due to her owners passing away. How could we resist??!!

To cut a long story short, within a few days we had met her (much more beautiful in person), fallen in love with her and brought her home (we had already had an elderly JG dog from Gilberdyke before).

She ignored her brand new extra comfy basket, plonked herself on the sofa and it was as though she had lived with us forever. We loved her to pieces. She had no idea she was elderly and probably had cancer. She was full of life and mischief. She dug up the garden and buried all her part chewed hide bones, and we dutifully replaced them. One day she disappeared on a mission and after an hour had deposited 9 disgusting specimens she had retrieved from all over the house and garden onto the rug, and I swear she had a good laugh about it.

She also loved our quiet moments cuddled up and goodness help you if you stopped rubbing her tummy!

She loved pottering round that garden so much that for once we did not go for cremation when after 6 gloriously happy months with her, the cancer very suddenly took over and she had to be put to sleep. She is buried in one of the holes she started digging wrapped in her favourite blanket and with a miniature rose bush planted over her.

We miss her every day, but we don't regret taking her despite only having that very short time and would urge anyone who wants a nice steady dog not to pass over the elderly or maybe infirm
that so deserve to spend their last days being loved and cherished.

Believe me they give you back more than words can say.


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