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Love of Fern

21/03/2012 15:03 - South Lincolnshire

Caroline tells us...

I've attached a picture of our dog Fern (aka Tikka) who we adopted about 10 months ago from the Boston Centre. We first saw Fern at the Open Day last year; we weren't looking for another dog really as we already had 3, 2 of which are rescue dogs, but she was so sweet and sad.

When we found out she had terminal cancer and chronic arthritis we were asked if we still wanted her as everyone else that had been interested had said they couldn't take her because of her cancer. If anything it made me more determined to bring her home.

She is without doubt the most loving, gentle, adorable girl, climbing onto anyone’s lap if they sit on the floor and delighting in all the affection. Despite being on painkillers and meds for her
arthritis she potters around our field, following me like a shadow and comes away with us in the horsebox for weekends :).

The evidence points to her having been used extensively as a breeding bitch and then discarded when she could breed no more. She is thought to be between 8 and 10 years old. She may only have a few months left with us as her cancer grows and she finds it increasingly difficult
to get up, but I'm so grateful we had a chance for her to join our family.

She is one in a million and our lives have been made so much richer for her company.

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