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Buffy's Happy News

03/03/2012 23:05 - East Yorkshire

Buffy went to a new home recently with a lovely family (children grown up) who saw Buffy on our website and fell in love with her straight away.

Now Charlotte has updated us...

As you can see, Buffy has only been with us for 2 weeks and already she taken over the sofa, the TV remote and the phone. She is really happy and doing so well.

Her fur is growing back and she loves finding any spot in the house where it is sunny. Buffy has
been meeting lots of new people and she has been getting on with everyone so
well.. so well in fact that she jumps up to kiss everyone!

Buffy is enjoying her food, especially a few Yorkshire puddings and some tasty meat. Sometimes Buffy forgets that she is actually a dog and likes to thinks she is similar to Alexander the Meerkat as she will jump up at the windowsill and move along in a Meerkat fashion!

Thank you for all your help at Jerry Green. Buffy sends her love to all her dog
pals. xx



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