Jerry Green

A note from Ziggy

08/12/2011 19:38 - East Yorkshire

We had visitors! The people were just fine. They really liked me (well who wouldn’t?) and said that I was beautiful. I would’ve preferred handsome, but beautiful will do I suppose, although it sounds a bit girly. Thing is, they brought some dogs with them. There was a huge black one who was bigger than me and he was OK, but there was this little white
thing who was a real pest. He kept running round in circles and trying to lick my face! He was so small that he could disappear under furniture—and then suddenly re-appear at about 90 miles an hour. The worst thing was that he nipped my legs as I tried to hide behind one of my people. He tried to do it to Jess but she’s met him before and knew what to do. She shouted at him “PACK IT IN ROCKY!” and then he left her alone.

I was really scared of him, but then we all went out for a walk and the people were throwing balls. It was great; we were racing about chasing these balls and by the time we got home again Rocky was my friend. I can hardly wait for him to visit us again!

Thank you for the feeding advice that you gave to my people. My little tummy problem has gone now and I’m told that I’ve put on a bit of weight. I hope this doesn’t mean that they’re going to give me less food!

My people are still going out sometimes without me. I hear them pick up keys (I’m not stupid, you know) and I rush to the door to go with them but they won’t always take me. Can you guess what I do while they’re out? I sleep on their bed!  There’s also another bed that I quite like—or there’s the settee, but I always make sure that I’m standing innocently by the door when they come back and of course I wouldn’t dream of getting on a bed or the settee when they’re at home. They don’t know about this, so please keep it a secret.

Love from Ziggy


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