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Why we think that older rescue dogs are important.

13/10/2014 15:05 - Head Office Jerry Green Dog Rescue

At a rescue centre you see dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages - all needing our skilled support in slightly different ways. There are days when we’re caring for tiny newborn puppies, then on to training up boisterous adolescent youngsters who need to learn the ropes and then of course caring for our elderly dogs who have found themselves in our care. Older dogs have usually spent their whole lives cosy and well loved in family homes and through various circumstances have found themselves needing our help.

The older dogs we care for can remind you of the dogs you have at home that aren’t the lively and rowdy young pups they once were and how special the bond is between you, now that you really
understand each other. They’re your old friend, as well as your best friend and no one can understand you like they do (or know so many of your secrets!) It’s very rewarding to make up a seriously comfy, snugly-warm bed for an old, arthritic dog who truly appreciates the blanket you cover him with to keep him cosy while he sleeps. Never underestimate how your dog’s happiness, safety and comfort can make you happy too.

Meeting an older dog in a rescue centre is an experience often extremely underrated. Dogs such as Buddy (at our Nottinghamshire Centre) want to proudly take their owner on a walk to pick up
the newspaper before heading home for a sleep somewhere so warm they can’t even remember what their bed at the kennels looked like! Miles (also at our Nottinghamshire Centre) is an older chap who loves company and the reassurance of a kind voice while he learns to relax outside of his rescue centre life.

Spending even a little time with Buddy and Miles reminds you of how much personality and character these older dogs have, and how sad that they have been overlooked so many times.

One of the simple pleasures in life can sometimes be found in taking care of somebody that the rest of the world hasn’t noticed and by making their lives better through being together.

If you are looking to adopt a dog, please consider our senior residents. You can offer each
other more friendship and love than you might expect...

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