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21/11/2012 15:04 - Head Office Jerry Green Dog Rescue

The dog adoption fee has now been increased to a  suggested  £120 (This fee can still be reduced for elderly, dogs with long term medical conditions or other special needs, at the discretion of the Centre Managers.)

All dogs going to new homes will be vaccinated, micro-chipped, neutered by Jerry Greens and leave the centre with a collar and tag. The Jerry Green Adoption system also provides support before, during and after the dog is in the home. In the event of a dog needing to be returned to a centre we will always take Jerry Green Dogs back into our care.

If you require advice or wish to meet a particular dog, please do not hesitate to contact the Centre nearest to you.


Registered with Fundraising Regulator

The Jerry Green Dog Rescue is registered under The Charities Act 1960 No 1155042

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