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Molly Magic

We were all over the moon today when Molly came to say hello and brought some food for the rescue dogs. Molly is a very special lady! She came to Jer...
20/12/2012 21:30 - East Yorkshire

Barney the Pup

TO    E. Yorks I thought you would like to see some pics of Barney, attached. They show him in the Christmas trees, in the field and s...
12/12/2012 20:27 - East Yorkshire

Jill settled in

Hi, Just to let you know Jill has made herself at home!!  Loving her walks with Charlie and hopefully losing that bit of weight. All the fami...
05/12/2012 19:40 - East Yorkshire

Diesel's Dream comes true

Hi Lorraine and everyone [at E.Yorks Centre] To let you know that Diesel has settled wonderfully well and I am so glad that he was able to come and l...
14/11/2012 17:28 - East Yorkshire

Daisy on her way home

Our beautiful Daisy came to us due to her owner's ill health. She is such a sweet girl and wanted her photo taken as she left East Yorkshire Centre ...
13/11/2012 15:34 - East Yorkshire

Flynn joins Ziggy

East Yorkshire received this latest note from Ziggy who welcomed Flynn to join his home.... I jumped in a stream, closely followed by Flynn. He was a...
31/10/2012 19:28 - East Yorkshire

Beautiful Bess

East Yorks received this happy news.... Hi Lorraine and team, We have had Bess for a week now and she is settling in great. She is absolutely a...
31/10/2012 18:23 - East Yorkshire

Jakie and Friends

Hi Lorraine and Co Just managed to understand new camera, so whilst the knack is still with me here are some photos of Jakie.  In one you will s...
19/10/2012 17:04 - East Yorkshire

Abbie's Update

Abbie last wrote in July ...and has sent this update ...   Hello everyone, Sorry I haven’t been in touch for a while but I’ve been...
14/10/2012 22:53 - East Yorkshire

Mary, Mary quite wonderful

The biggest news of all at East Yorkshire Centre  is that our special Mary went to her new home this week. They say:- Mary has been at Jerry Gre...
05/10/2012 20:44 - East Yorkshire
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