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Lucky Louis

Hey Guys, Louis here! Just wanted to let you know how things are, and as you can see from the pics I’m doing great! I love my new mum and dad, ...
24/08/2012 17:34 - North Lincolnshire

Boogie (Trixi)

Hi this is Boogie {was Trixi} We adopted her from your North Lincolnshire centre 17th August last year. As you can see she is great with the grandch...
18/08/2012 10:27 - North Lincolnshire

Joyful Jezz

Mick sent this news to E.Yorks Centre about Jezz... Thought you might like to see Jezz in his new home; he has settled in well, in fact he hasjust ab...
16/08/2012 22:05 - North Lincolnshire

Alfie's Adventures

Hi, My name is Alfie.  2 years ago today I was adopted by my new family,  so I thought I would write to you and let you know how I am doing...
01/08/2012 20:10 - North Lincolnshire

Hogan - my hero

Amanda writes…. Hi I rescued Hogan through the Broughton Centre when he was 8 months old. Hogan had some hind leg issues and after co...
23/06/2012 21:37 - North Lincolnshire

Paddy and Coke

Ghislaine tells us... Here is our lovely Paddy whom we adopted about a year ago from the N. Lincs Centre, having to share his bed with Coke the cat...
13/04/2012 20:51 - North Lincolnshire

Ellie relaxing

Ellie (from North Lincs) relaxing happily in the garden! Thank you Jerry Green!
13/04/2012 00:12 - North Lincolnshire

Dusty's Happy Life

Debbie sent us this news… Hi this is Dusty… We rescued him through your Lincolnshire Centre 4 years ago. He’s a happy dog who no...
25/03/2012 20:54 - North Lincolnshire

Handsome Bruno

This handsome fella is Bruno now aged 5 years and happily settled with his special family, who kindly sent us this photograph. He was adopted by ...
20/03/2012 21:15 - North Lincolnshire

Happiness for Hayleigh

Meet Hayleigh, a cross Labrador (and a little bit crazy) re-homed from Jerry Green Broughton Centre about 18 months ago. Her family just wanted t...
17/03/2012 20:16 - North Lincolnshire
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