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Tilly enjoying Life

Hi Just to send you a photo of Tilly that we got from you on the 23/7/2010. She is now coming up for her 7th birthday. She still loves her ball a...
30/04/2013 19:45 - South Lincolnshire

Dodge settled in his family

Hi all Well a year has passed and Dodge is getting on great. He is very much one of the family and is a happy pampered pooch. We thank you fo...
16/04/2013 15:26 - South Lincolnshire

Sumo goes home

 Here we have it!  What we have all hoped for. A picture of Sumo, leaving for his new home. He has had a lovely first night, met all the f...
31/03/2013 21:12 - South Lincolnshire

Sparky settles in

Family tell us... What a wonderful dog! He settled down very quickly – by mid afternoon of his first day. He had a good look around the house a...
31/03/2013 20:57 - South Lincolnshire

Benson settles in

South Lincs have received this lovely picture of Benson (Lurcher) settling into his new home in North Yorkshire. There's nothing like making yourself...
14/01/2013 21:33 - South Lincolnshire

Dodge in his Heaven

Here is a picture of Dodge from South Lincs, happily settled in his home. He has been with his family for seven months now, and they wouldn’t b...
01/12/2012 14:27 - South Lincolnshire

Wonderful Wilf

Here is a great picture of Wilf, who was adopted from South Lincs 5 years ago. He is still doing well and hasn't aged a day :)
24/09/2012 21:02 - South Lincolnshire

Buddy remembers us

S. Lincs received this lovely message from a dog rehomed by them many years rewarding Hi this is Buddy AKA Mr Wiggles who is very happy and...
03/09/2012 20:57 - South Lincolnshire

Squeaky settles in

Here is Squeaky who was recently re-homed from South Lincs. All the best in your new life
28/08/2012 16:56 - South Lincolnshire

Quest pays a Visit

South Lincs had a visit today from Quest (formerly known as Girlie.) Quest was adopted six years ago but was always fondly remembered by staff, as sh...
12/07/2012 22:29 - South Lincolnshire
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